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Monroe County Landlord Association (MI)

     The purpose of the MCLA is to provide a forum for Landlords to meet others in the same profession, exchange ideas and experiences,  and further education. By working as a group we have more political clout, more funds, more ideas, and more manpower. 

Next Meeting - Little Dixie Restaurant

 Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday, of the month  (every month except December) at the Little Dixie Restaurant, 1248 N. Telegraph Rd.,Monroe, Michigan, 48162.   Social hour  (most people have dinner and talk) begins at  6:30 P.M. and the meeting starts at 7:30 P.M. and usually runs to 9 P.M.  Click here for map.

 You can often encounter guest speakers at our meetings.  We have had most of the District Court Judges,  Building inspectors,  Fire Chief and Inspectors
responsible for administering the Rental Inspection Program, and a variety of others.  Most recently we have had Jack Vitale, Atty and Ed. Swinkey , County Prosecutor, as speakers; they are both running for  the District Court Judgeship which will be left vacant by the retirement of Judge Patricia Costello.    

Judge Vitale has now won the election and we congratulate him on his new position.  We look forward to having him as a speaker again........this time as The Judge.

Arnie,  Pres. MCLA

MCLA Contacts

Arnie Bredschneider
402 E. Front St.
Monroe, Mich. 48161
(734) 457-5758

Susan & Fred Williams
Newsletter Editors  
                                              5119 Evergreen Dr.
Monroe, MI  48161
(734) 243-0589

Paul Palmer - Vice President 1
1422 LaSalle Rd.
Monroe, Mich. 48162
(734) 243-9419

Lillian Sasfy - Treasurer
12714 N. Lakeshore Dr.
LaSalle Mich.  48145
( 734) 241-2652

Fred Dowler - Vice President 2
3552 Stewart Rd
Monroe, Mich. 48162
(734) 457-2305

Nancy Ciravolo - Secretary
3161 Luna Pier Rd
Erie, Mich. 48133
(734) 848-4589

Joe Ciravolo
Asst. Secretary
(734) 241-2626

Barb Runyon
Asst. Treasurer
2651 Nadeau Rd.
Monroe, Mich. 48162
(734) 289-4273

How to Join MCLA

The MCLA serves the Monroe County, Michgian area.  Most members are Landlords with rentals from 1 to 150 units.   An informal poll indicated we represent about 1500 rental units.   You don't have to be a landlord to join as associated fields are welcome.  We have Attorneys,  Realtors, Bankers, and building trades, among others  Membership fee is $45.00 payable to the MCLA.  Send to Treasurer or Secretary listed above or bring dues to meeting.

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