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United Lodging House Association

About ULHA

UNITED LODGING HOUSE ASSOCIATION serves the needs of rooming house, boardinghouse, and single room occupancy owners and managers in the Massachusettes area.

Meetings & Events

Each meeting is on the last Thursday of the month. No meetings in December, July or August. Our meetings are social evenings, dining at different restaurants in different areas of MA. They are social but also educational.

 We would like for you to continue calling your representatives and senators and to please ask them to support the Mandatory Rent Escrowing bill Number S 541. It is in the HUD Committee at this time and needs to move out, but weneed your help. Thanks. 

JoAn Geissler
President of the United Lodging House Association

Membership Info

Membership is $45.00 a year.  Requirements: Own a Lodging House (rooming house, boarding house, single room occupancy).  Be a responsible property owner. All of MASS.and anyone one else in the USA IS WELCOME TO JOIN.

Contact  Info

JoAn Geissler, President
DAY 508-987-2319
Fax 508-248-3831

27 George Sreet
Charlton, MA. 01507

Janet DiLeo, Secretary

Vincent DiLeo, Treasurer

Leo Forcier, Vice President


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